What Makes Momentive Different?

Momentive consistently delivers innovative solutions to meet the oil industry’s needs. With innovation being a core competency at Momentive, our customers can expect the release of new products on a regular basis. While the word “innovation” has been used more frequently to define any technology on the market, we at Momentive have a proven track record of industry firsts.

We come from a long lineage of industry leaders in resin and silicone technology. Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.’s Oilfield Technology Group leverages our advanced chemical expertise to create innovative products that solve oilfield challenges.

Momentive has over 25 years of oilfield industry experience and over 60 years in silicone technology, which is used across multiple product lines such as resin coated proppants, H2S scavengers, and production chemicals. In addition to our broad portfolio of products, Momentive has research and manufacturing facilities strategically placed around the world, creating a comprehensive global footprint.