Using Momentive’s AcTivator™ Consolidation Aid with Proppant

Recently there has been an increased focus on stimulating many of North America’s liquid-rich shale plays that have bottom-hole static temperatures (BHST) of less than 150°F (66°C). The proper incorporation and utilization of Momentive’s AcTivator™ consolidation aid with curable resin coated proppant (RCP) are important to successful proppant pack consolidation at these low temperatures.

Momentive currently offers AcTivator and AcTivator Oil™ consolidation aids for low temperature reservoirs. Our AcTivator consolidation aid is designed for use in most, if not all, water-based fracturing fluids, and the AcTivator Oil consolidation aid is available for oil-based fracturing fluid systems. Since approximately 95% of the completion techniques today use water-based fracturing fluids, this article will focus on the proper methods for incorporating Momentive’s AcTivator consolidation aid and the technical reasoning behind them.

The first step to controlling proppant flowback in low temperature reservoirs is selecting the correct curable RCP. The technologies behind curable RCPs differ from product to product, so it is important that you purchase curable resin coated proppants, like SiberProp™ proppant or SB Excel™ proppant, which are specifically designed for low temperature applications.

The next item, which is almost equally as important to selecting the correct proppant, is determining the correct AcTivator consolidation aid concentration needed for your job design. Recommended AcTivator consolidation aid concentrations will vary from job to job depending on proppant, BHST, closure stress, and shut-in time. We recommend that you contact your Momentive representative to discuss our recommended AcTivator consolidation aid concentration. The representative will discuss your anticipated job design and answer any questions that you may have.

Now that you know the amount of AcTivator consolidation aid needed for your job design, it is time to properly incorporate it into your completion technique. Momentive’s AcTivator consolidation aid should be added equally to all of the fracturing fluid carrying the curable resin coated proppant, and during the first part of the flush, at the recommended concentration supplied by the Momentive sales representative. This is an important concept which is sometimes misunderstood and/or overlooked when using our AcTivator consolidation aid. It is also a good practice to add the AcTivator consolidation aid to the frac fluid while pumping down plugs between stages. The fluid carrying the plugs will be going into the same perforations as the flush from the previous stage, covering the curable RCP, and allowing the interaction to take place during the shut-in period.

There are many different types of “activators” available. When utilizing Momentive’s curable resin coated proppants for low temperature applications, it is strongly recommended to use our AcTivator consolidation aid products. Our proprietary AcTivator consolidation aid blend has been optimized to work with our resin technologies to prevent proppant flowback. For more information on Momentive’s AcTivator consolidation aid or curable resin coated proppants, please contact your Momentive representative.