Unique High Performance Production Chemical Additives

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (Momentive) continues to showcase itself as a leader in the industry with its unique line of production chemicals. Utilizing our rich silicone history and innovative R&D team, we have developed innovative solutions to address the production needs of an ever-changing industry. From highly efficient foam control agents to demulsification boosters, Momentive has a solution to your needs.

Our new class of demulsification boosters combine the outstanding surface activity of the siloxane polymer with the water or oil solubility of organic substituents. They are based on organically modified siloxane molecules and therefore behave significantly different from polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS). These products boost the efficiency of organic demulsifiers and were developed to be used in very low concentrations to help improve speed of separation, interface quality, clarity of the water, reduce basic sediment and water (BS&W), and reduce operation temperature. This can ultimately provide better overall performance at a potentially lower cost.

Our silicone foam control agents have demonstrated their ability to effectively control foam in a variety of applications, such as diesel fuel, gas sweetening, butadiene units, gas/oil separators, drilling muds, and others. They have been shown to offer stability in extreme weather conditions, easier handling, improved compatibility and stability to ultimately provide better overall performance. With extremely high efficiencies at low usage levels, our foam control agents for gas/oil separators typically increase productivity, while at the same time, reduce silicone overall content in crude oil.

Momentive’s production chemicals have proven to be much more effective at significantly lower dosages, providing the potential for substantial savings to our customers. A case history showed that our Silbreak* 638 silicone foam control agent served as an effective solution in an offshore facility in the Gulf of Mexico. The use of this foam control agent in crude oil processing resulted in 2.5x lower dosage than PDMS antifoam with 8x lower silicon metal content in the crude oil. It also created a 2% increase in productivity of the platform and cleaner gas and cleaner flares.

For more information on our Silbreak silicone foam control agent and additional silicone products, visit momentive.com.

*Silbreak is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.