Summer 2008
PropTrac H Improves Well Production

This innovative technology provides insight into fracture dimensions in an entirely new way. Operators no longer have to contend with the environmental hazards, safety issues, time spent on regulations and paperwork, as well as the radioactive precautionary methods needed when using radioactive tracer methods. It can also be used repeatedly to log wells months, even years, later to determine what zones were actually fractured with the proppants.

PropTrac HSM provides detailed information on zones where the proppant is located to help operators analyze their perforating and fracturing designs. As an example, PropTrac aids engineers in calibration of their frac design model with a “real-world” proppant distribution log. Logs are provided that show where operators can perforate additional zones to reach more oil and gas deposits. It also allows users to observe how proppant distribution in the fracture may be affected by changes in flowing pressure, flow rates, or fluid entry. This new technique can even provide additional data for analyzing changes in production rates (such as decreases) and help explain these changes, e.g., the proppant pack shifted in the fracture. Operators can also use this information to assist in analyzing refrac options during the well’s lifetime.

In combination with other well information, this fracture diagnostics service can also provide operators with insight into where not to fracture. PropTrac H has indicated fracturing into zones producing large amounts of water and even contaminated water from radioactive zones. Completions and fracturing designs derived from the service can help to reduce or prevent the production of such unwanted fluids. In addition, knowing fracture heights aids in perforating where hydrocarbons are inclined to accumulate above unwanted water, allowing operators to reach additional deposits.

The data received is compiled into a report that is presented by Hexion representatives. An integrated team of scientists and engineers provide detailed evaluations and insights on the best methods to improve wells. Operators then have the knowledge to make informed decisions that directly impact and improve well production.

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