New Yukon Black™ Low Temperature Proppant Now Available

Momentive dedicated its resources eight years ago to be a more integral part of providing resin coated proppants in Canada. We built a plant in Alberta to better serve our customers to reduce the logistics time to deliver product – often just in time to the industry. We also operate our own resin plant in Alberta, which allows us to be responsive to customer needs. This plant also manufactures hydrogen sulfide scavengers for H2S scrubbing in the sour gas production of Alberta. This makes us a key element in providing Canadian manufactured product for the oil and gas industry and demonstrates our commitment to the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Yukon Black™ proppant is an innovative curable resin coated fracturing sand available in 16/30 and 20/40 mesh sizes. The Yukon Black resin system is designed specifically for low temperature reservoirs and is applied to high quality frac sand for superior performance. Incorporating Momentive's newest Stress Bond™ resin technology, the proppant bonds in the fracture with closure stress, providing increased fracture flow capacity and proppant flowback control.

Yukon Black proppants provide the following technical advantages and benefits:

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