New Proppant Reduces Formation Water Production

Many reservoirs in North America produce a high volume of water with the oil and gas production over the life of the well. Formation water can be caused by issues such as inherent formation characteristics, depleting reservoirs, or EOR (enhanced oil recovery) techniques. Produced water is one of the largest waste streams associated with producing wells and carries a significant cost to the industry.

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.’s AquaBond™ proppant, available in 30/50 and 40/70 mesh sizes, is a next-generation resin coated sand. This advanced proppant utilizes a unique surface chemistry that blocks the production of formation water by preventing it from flowing through the proppant pack. It blocks formation water, but does not hinder oil and gas production. This increases the profitability of the well by reducing waste water storage and disposal costs.

Along with this feature, the AquaBond proppant’s Stress Bond™ technology delivers all the benefits of a curable resin coated proppant, such as flowback control and enhanced well production.

Technical advantages and benefits include:

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