New Product Portfolio Available

Momentive Specialty Chemicals is a leading provider of innovative technologies for the oil and gas industry. We pioneered resin coated proppant technology over 25 years ago to help our customers optimize fracture flow capacity and improve post treatment well production. Over the years, we have created many innovative products that have come from our resin research and development efforts. This includes our new OilPlusTM proppants, which are specifically designed to provide increased oil flow for fracturing treatments in oil and liquid-rich reservoirs. 

Now, our product portfolio is expanding further to offer fluid performance additives and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers for a variety of oilfield applications. Our new fluid performance additives include a range of products from foam control agents and demulsifiers used in gas/oil separators to effective drilling solutions such as our BorDrillTM fluid loss additive product line.  

Another new product is Momentive’s Fines-StaTM 100 fines control agent, which is designed to stabilize insoluble formation fines generated during stimulation treatments. This product is used to address fines migration challenges associated with siliceous rocks, particularly those encountered in crude oil production or generated as a result of hydraulic fracturing or sandstone acidizing. These formation fines can significantly reduce well productivity. Treatment can result in a significant increase in the long-term productivity and stabilization of the well, as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Our H2S scavenger products are effective for crude oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and SAGD. Typical treatments occur at the wellsite, on production platforms, in ships, pipelines, and refineries. We maintain a global presence for efficiently delivering these products around the world. 

Momentive brings extensive chemical experience and a global footprint to the oilfield to help you…Get the Results You ExpectSM.