New OilPlus™ Proppant Now in Canada – Additional Mesh Sizes Available

Momentive’s OilPlus™ proppant was introduced in 2011 to the U.S. in a 20/40 mesh size. The product is now available in 30/50 and 40/70 mesh sizes. These additional mesh sizes expand our product offering, allowing OilPlus proppant to suit a larger variety of frac jobs. The smaller mesh sizes are designed to maximize oil flow in formations such as shales with their smaller, more complex fractures.

We are now manufacturing OilPlus proppant at our Canadian plant in Sturgeon County, Alberta for our customers in Canada. This resin coated proppant manufacturing plant has passed the milestone of six years of operation. Along with this plant, our technical sales office in Calgary, and resin plant in Edmonton, we operate six strategically located transload facilities throughout western Canada to effectively distribute OilPlus proppant to our customers.

To demonstrate the benefits of this advanced proppant, the following infographic shows the difference in oil flow in a fracture between uncoated frac sand and OilPlus proppant. The top three graphics show how uncoated frac sand has water adhere to the surface, blocking the pathways. Since the water is not fully displaced, the space in-between the proppants is blocked and the flow of oil is reduced. OilPlus proppant's resin system (patent pending) changes the relative permeability of the proppant pack, increasing oil flow.

The additional mesh sizes now available for OilPlus proppant provide even more options to help improve fracturing treatments. With the increase in fracturing treatments being pumped throughout Canada in oil plays such as the Bakken Shale, OilPlus proppant is set to provide our customers with an effective solution to optimize their wells in oil-rich areas.