New Black Ultra™ Proppant for Low Temperature Wells

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (Momentive) strives to provide the oil and gas industry with the most advanced proppant technology available. We continue to expand the capabilities of resin coated proppants as we pioneer new technologies.

Momentive’s new Black Ultra™ proppants are a next-generation resin coated sand utilizing a multi-functional resin system that bonds at low temperatures. These proppants are ideal for fracture treatments in low temperature reservoirs where flowback control is necessary. Low temperature bonding down to 90°F (32°C) bottom-hole static temperature is achieved without the use of a consolidation aid.

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These advanced proppants also contain rehealing properties, important for cyclic stress that occurs over the life of the well. Conventional resin coated proppant packs will break apart in the fractures when they experience cyclic stress. Black Ultra proppants maintain enough curability to rebond after a stress cycle occurs to maintain a bonded proppant pack.

Another important feature is that they have quicker bond strength development, which allows for faster post-treatment flowback at higher drawdowns than other resin coated proppants.

Along with these features, the Black Ultra proppant Stress Bond™ technology delivers all the typical advantages of a curable resin coated proppant. This includes proppant flowback control, proppant embedment minimization, and proppant fines reduction, which all lead to enhanced well production.