Innovative Proppant Technology from New Curable Resin Coating

Bringing forth a significant advancement in proppant technology, a new curable resin coated proppant (RCP) is now available for hydraulic fracturing. Black Pro™ proppant, available in a 40/70 mesh size, incorporates Momentive’s next-generation resin applied to a high quality frac sand. This creates a unique set of solutions to the harshest, most challenging well conditions found in today's shale reservoirs.

Improving upon the well-known Momentive Black Plus™ and XRT™ proppants, Black Pro proppant is designed with the newest grain-to-grain bonding technology. It maintains the industry’s highest bond strength integrity of any RCP, even under the harshest cyclic stress cycles common in today's shale wells. This proppant also provides enhanced proppant embedment resistance under cyclic stress, maintaining higher pack permeability and fracture width compared to traditional curable RCPs. Also, Black Pro’s quicker bond strength development allows for faster post-treatment flowback at higher drawdowns than other RCPs.

Black Pro proppant also fully addresses the other proppant selection issues that conventional uncoated or precured RCPs do not address, therefore providing increased fracture flow capacity and higher well production. As with all Momentive’s curable proppants, Black Pro incorporates Momentive's Stress Bond™ (SB) technology. It only bonds in the fracture when subjected to closure stress and temperature, preventing wellbore consolidation.