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Hexion Oilfield Technology Group -
Online Educational Series

Innovative Oil and Gas Technology Video

Hexion (formerly Momentive) is a leading provider of innovative technologies for the oil and gas industry. We pioneered resin coated proppant technology over 25 years ago. Now, our product portfolio is expanding further to offer performance additives and production chemicals including hydrogen sulfide scavengers for a variety of oilfield applications.

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OilPlus Resin Coated Proppant Video

Hexion's (formerly Momentive) OilPlus™ curable resin coated proppant is the first proppant specifically designed for fracturing treatments in oil and liquid-rich reservoirs. Our patent pending resin coating system increases the relative permeability to oil in the proppant pack resulting in higher oil production compared to conventional proppants.

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Innovative Proppant Technology Video

Hexion (formerly Momentive) manufactures our own resins and leverages the expertise of multiple divisions within the company to provide our customers with leading edge resin coated proppant technology. Black Pro™ proppant utilizes our next-generation resin technology to provide enhanced proppant embedment resistance under cyclic stress. We also focus on continual testing to ensure that the highest quality proppant is received on location.

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New Developments in Proppant Technology:
Educational Webinar

Hexion's (formerly Momentive) Oilfield Technology Group presented an educational webinar on several new developments in proppant technology. Among these were the introduction of a new critical proppant selection factor for fracturing treatments and a new generation of curable resin coated proppant with innovative bonding technology. Well production updates from SPE 135502 were also presented.

proppant-technology Webinar

Proppant Selection and Its Effect on Shale Fracturing Results:
Educational Webinar

Hexion's (formerly Momentive) Oilfield Technology Group presented a free educational webinar on the field studies and lab testing documented in SPE 135502. The case histories show how curable resin coated proppants outperform uncoated frac sand and lightweight ceramics in the lab and in the field.

View a recorded version of the webinar:

New SPE Paper on Proppant Selection in Shale Formations

Hexion presented our technical paper, SPE 135502, at the SPE ATCE in Florence, Italy, September 20, 2010. “Proppant Selection and Its Effect on the Results of Fracturing Treatments Performed in Shale Formations” documents extensive laboratory tests and field studies comparing downhole proppant performance in three North American shale plays.

Hexion’s curable resin coated proppant technology outperforms uncoated and precured proppants in a variety of shale fracturing applications.

Critical Proppant Selection Factors Video

Fracturing proppant selection is crucial to optimizing well productivity. Besides proppant size, strength and density, there are other important factors to consider.

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PropTrac Fracture Diagnostics Video

Hexion's (formerly Momentive) PropTracSM Fracture Diagnostics Service is an environmentally acceptable method for the determination of propped fracture height. Since each proppant has a built-in tagging material in the resin coating, the service provides more accurate results compared to conventional methods. This is a simpler, easier, and safer way for operators to optimize fracture treatments and improve treatment results.

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