FUSION™ Sand Consolidation System Provides Cost-Effective Formation Sand Control

The FUSION™ sand consolidation system is an advanced epoxy resin system designed for sand consolidation and control.

The photo shows Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of core material consolidated with the FUSION sand consolidation system.

Technical Advantages and Benefits


The FUSION sand consolidation system was designed with reduced components and easily identifiable containers to ease onsite use. All components can be delivered in drums, ISO tanks or any other storage medium as required. The drums have a dedicated color scheme to improve ease of handling in storage facilities and on the wellsite.

It is a complete system that consists of three components:

In addition, a small amount of FUSION Cleaner 9603 is recommended to clean equipment at the wellsite. All components have a designated viscosity and density to improve the placement of the chemicals into the formation.

System Description

FUSION Preflush 9601 is a dedicated mixture of solvents to pre-treat the formation prior to injection of the resin mixture. It is no longer necessary to mix resin components at the wellsite: the FUSION Resin 9602 is directly injected into the well, followed by the overflush, FUSION Curing Agent 9650. The cleaner, FUSION Cleaner 9603 is used to clean surface lines and equipment after the job.


Extensive sand pack testing resulted in a sand consolidation system that stops sand production without impairing the formation. The typical return permeability (ratio of final permeability over initial permeability) to oil is greater than 90%. The strength of the consolidation, on both clean sand and core material, is typically 2,200-2,900 psi (150-200 bar) measured in an unconfined compression mode.

After cure, the epoxy resin system can withstand temperatures up to 428ºF (220ºC). The cured epoxy resin is chemically stable in hostile environments like stimulation fluids (mud acids), crude oil, and formation water.

Application Window

This system can be injected into any type of formation independent of basic sediment and water (BS&W). The preflush sequence specially designed for it ensures:

The nominal temperature application range for the FUSION sand consolidation system is 194-392ºF (90-200ºC). The upper and lower ranges can be extended with special design considerations. It is a thermo hardening resin system and will therefore cure faster as the temperature increases.