Fall 2009
Visit Us at SPE ATCE in New Orleans
October 4-7

Optimizing fracture treatment results requires proppants that perform effectively under real-world downhole conditions. Besides the well-known performance factors such as proppant size, strength, and density, there are other important issues to consider.

Learn about these critical factors affecting proppant performance:

  • Proppant Fines
  • Effective vs. Reference Conductivity
  • Proppant Pack Rearrangement
  • Proppant Flowback
  • Cyclic Stress
  • Proppant Embedment
  • Downhole Proppant Scaling
This October at the SPE Annual Technical Conference in New Orleans, Hexion’s Oilfield
Technology Group will show you how uncoated frac sands, precured resin coated sands, and
uncoated ceramics often do not perform as expected under downhole reservoir conditions with
high temperatures, pressure, and fluid.

Hexion’s curable resin coated proppants with their unique grain-to-grain bonding technology
address these critical factors, providing improved well productivity. Live demonstrations
including an effective conductivity calculator, microscope station, and flow capacity model will
be available to help explain the critical factors that affect proppant performance in the reservoir.

Not only will you learn about fracturing proppants when you visit us at booth 1631, but if you
stop by on Tuesday, October 6th between 12:00 and 2:00 PM you can enjoy some
complimentary ice cream as well. If you have any questions prior to the show, please contact
your local Hexion representative or e-mail otg.customerservice@hexion.com.

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