Fall 2009
Case History: Improving Well Productivity in the Haynesville Shale

Hexion’s Prime Plus™ is an advanced, field proven, curable resin coated proppant available in a 40/70 mesh size. Designed for use in the waterfrac basins of North America, Prime Plus resin is applied to the highest quality sands providing unsurpassed downhole properties of any waterfrac proppant in the industry.

Case History
A Haynesville operator increased their production 30% by utilizing Prime Plus premium resin coated proppants.

Three Prime Plus wells provided $1.75 million* in increased revenue in the first four months of production versus three wells which utilized precured resin coated proppants. The proppant pack integrity of the Prime Plus proppant increased fracture flow capacity and production, which improved their ROI.

For more details about the Haynesville and how our curable resin coated proppant technology provide proven results, you can read the article “Increasing Production From the Haynesville Shale” (Fracline Summer 2009).

*Based on average gas price of $5/MCF during production time period.


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